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100th Post CollageWow! 100 posts* later and I am still blogging. While on one hand 100 seems like a big number, looking back over the last few months I realize it got here in a hurry.

I have noticed many bloggers use their 100th post as an opportunity to look back at their blog and pick out some favorite posts. For food bloggers this inevitably means selecting their favorite recipes. In that spirit here is my list of the ‘Top 10’ dishes I have made since I started the Cooking with an Evolved Dad blog back in January. Note that I found it hard enough to limit myself to just 10, and within these couldn’t even begin to rate them from 1 – 10, so don’t read anything into the order in which they are listed!

Love to hear your opinion on these as well!

Mom's Bean Salad

Mom’s Bean Salad

Hey, it’s from my mom’s recipe.  Enough said.

Cooling Espresso Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies

Expresso Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies

I’ve made these a few times, including as a prize on my 75th post.  They are truly amazing.

Sriracha-Pineapple Barbecued Chicken Sandwiches with Simple Guacamole

Sriracha-Pineapple Chicken

When I created this post I said it is one was worthy of a top ranking – and I stand by that.

Chipolte-Cheddar Broiled Avocado Halves

Chipotle Cheddar Avocados

This is a very simple dish to put together and oh so delicious.  It should be in every cook’s repertoire.

Chocoflan cake

Black and Tan Cake

For as much as I love the Expresso Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies, this Black and Tan Cake is the best dessert I have ever made.  It was harder to make than most desserts I have tackled, but very glad I tried.

Thai Grilled Beef Salad

Grilled Thai Beef Salad

As good as any Thai meal I have ever had in a restaurant.

Marian's Pasta Sauce

Marian’s Sauce

A shout out to my mother-in-law and her famous red sauce.

Spicy Asian Grilled Wings

Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings

Anything I have made more than once deserves serious consideration on this list.  Both times I have made these for crowds and both times they quickly disappeared.  Note that it was a close decision between these and the PB&J Wings I made earlier this year.

Quinoa Peanut Soup

Quinoa Peanut Soup

We make lots of soup during the cold weather months, and this was my favorite of those. A close second to this was the Brazilian Fish Stew I made in March.

Turkey Meatloaf with Cranberry Glaze

Turkey Meatloaf with Cranberry Glaze

I was on a meatloaf kick earlier this year and made some great variations on this classic comfort food, including this version that packs a nice kick. I did have a hard time deciding between this and Amy’s Chicken Pot Pie when thinking back over great comfort food I’ve made.

Stuffed French Toast Raspberry Strata

Harbor Breeze Inn Raspberry Strata

This brings back great memories of vacations on the Cape with my folks, and is a delicious dish to make for a weekend brunch.

* In addition to the 100 blog posts I have written there have been another handful of dishes that I have taken photos of and posted on my Facebook page, but who’s counting? Certainly not me, as discerning readers will notice that my top 10 list contains 11 entries!

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5 thoughts on “100th Post

  1. Anthony

    As one of the most frequent critics (or, more accurately, consumers) of your meals, these were 10 great dishes. Would have loved to see the sliders crack the Top 10, but hey, it’s not my blog. Congrats, Dad!

  2. Pat Kuhl

    This looks like the start of an Evolved Dad cookbook. What about kale chips? Will they make the 200th post?

    1. Bob Post author

      I did make Swiss Chad chips the other day and am going to get some kale to try that too. Stay tuned for that post…


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