Monthly Archives: January 2013

Tofu Tuesday?

After Monday’s meal of Bacon-wrapped Mac ‘n Cheese Meatloaf we needed something on the healthier side to counter-balance the amount of fat and calories we had consumed.   Whenever I feel that I need to purge, I go to the Cooking Light website and start poking around.   Sometimes when doing so I have nothing in mind […]

Amy’s Chicken Pot Pie

My friend Amy (she of the black-eye peas fame) had shared a simple yet delicious chicken pot pie recipe awhile back. This is great comfort food and a nice meal when you want to create something quick that tastes great. I was racking my brain yesterday trying to think of what to make for dinner […]

Friday Night Frenzy

Worcester readers know the name ‘Friday Night Frenzy’ as the show our local cable station does with highlights of the day’s high school games.  We are avid viewers of the show, but ‘Friday Night Frenzy’ also refers to the act of making dinner after a basketball game when we get home at 9:00. I could […]

No Whey

For the end of Meatless Meals week I decided to make a Persian eggplant dish that my friend Janet recommended.   The fact that I was looking at this recipe is a testament to social networking.  Janet is my brother-in-law’s sister (or my sister’s sister-in-law).  We’d met a few times over the years, most recently at […]