Monthly Archives: January 2013

Vegetarian Pizza Without the Red Sauce

Tuesday of Meatless Meal week was a day where Anthony had a game in Hopedale so dinner had to be something quick and light as we weren’t going to eat until almost 10pm.  Pizza works in these occasions for me, but wanted something a bit different also.  The recipe for Pizza Without the Red Sauce […]


Isn’t that a great word to say?  Go ahead and say it out loud, stretching the syllables: gua*ca*mo*le.  Feel better now don’t you? I was making pork tacos in the slow cooker for after the game tonight and decided I wanted to have some guacamole to go with it.  Normally we buy it at the […]

Second Hand Lions

Second Hand Lions is a great movie about a boy who goes to live with his two eccentric uncles.  I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids in the 7-14 year range.  There is a very minor scene* in the movie where the uncles are tending the crops they planted – peas, beans, squash, […]

Sweet Tooth

I love all things sweet – cookies, cake, ice cream, pie, chocolate-frosted donuts (but don’t tell my wife the last one).  Because of this we try not to have too many sweets around the house or I will just wolf them down. Recently my sister and brother-in-law were visiting and I wanted some dessert.  I […]