Monthly Archives: May 2013

Key Lime Pie

Funny Key Lime Pie story. Years ago I traveled a lot for work.  One time I was in Florida visiting customers and the local sales team and I went out for dinner.  When it was time for dessert – unbeknownst to me – they asked the waiter to cut the piece of Key Lime Pie […]


Thai-licious: When you make a Thai dish at home that tastes as good as (if not better) then what you would get at your favorite Thai restaurant. I have always liked Sniglets*, which are those words that don’t appear in the dictionary but should.  I generally like these for their comedic value, but today’s new […]

Shrimp and Potato Kebabs

Today’s meal comes courtesy of Eating Well.  The June version of the magazine (which arrived in April…go figure) featured Curried Shrimp and Potato Kebabs in its ‘healthy in a hurry’ section.  These were listed as super easy and super fast to make.  If only… On paper they were pretty easy to make.  Combine oil, curry […]