Monthly Archives: June 2013

School’s Out for Summer

Today was the last day of school for Anthony. Since they only had a half day today – and with his school’s schedule that means that got out at 10:45 – Kath suggested I do an end of year bunch.  Nice of her huh? Actually I enjoyed putting this together, and having some of Anthony’s […]

Chocolate Bundt Cake

For a guy who once claimed he doesn’t make cake, I sure seem to be baking a lot cakes lately.  Guess a combination of my sweet tooth and being a sucker for cake glamour shots that I see on other blogs gets me running to the kitchen every time. My latest cake baking experiment was […]

Chicken with Raspberry Mustard

Dinner the other night was pretty simple – chicken tenders coated in cornmeal and lightly fried, served with a tomato & basil salad and some steamed broccoli.The star of the meal was the raspberry mustard that went with the chicken. While this too was simple – crushed raspberries, whole grain mustard and honey – it […]

Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake

I was intrigued when I stumbled upon a recipe for chocolate cake made in the crock pot.  I had used my crock pot to make rice pudding once, but other than that it had only been put to use with for things like chili, stew, soup, etc.  Cake seemed like a challenge to me….now was […]

Corn Tortilla Chips

As my cooking as evolved so has my ability (and desire) to use up ingredients that I have around the kitchen. The latest case in point was a half-used package of corn tortillas left over from making the Green-Chili Chicken Casserole. In the past I probably would have let these go to waste, eventually throwing […]

Green Chile-Chicken Casserole

Today’s post comes from a chicken casserole I found on Cooking Light.  This was another of my attempts to create a gluten free meal, so the corn tortillas used in the recipe were what ultimately made me go for this dish vs. the plethora of other casseroles out there. The recipe calls for 4 cups […]

Chipolte-Cheddar Avocados

You have to try this.  For a simple dish these chipotle pepper & cheddar cheese stuffed broiled avocados were among the tastiest things I have made. Period.  Enough said? The key to this is to find avocados that are just ripe enough but not over-ripe. Look for ones that give a little bit when squeezed […]

Southwestern Chicken Soup

Those of us in New England have been suffering through a cold and rainy week.  Since it feels more like early April than mid-June around here, a nice batch of hot chicken soup seemed like a great way to take the chill out of the air. The soup recipe I picked was from Eating Well […]

Garlic Shrimp

You’ll be happy to know that the smoke detectors work at my house. I tested them yesterday. Of course I didn’t exactly mean to test them… Yesterday’s dinner consisted of a simple Garlic Shrimp recipe I had recently seen, served with brown rice and a side dish of Stir Fried Snow Peas and Mushrooms. Sounds […]

Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons

When you think gnocchi you often think of a heavy meal that will sit in your stomach long after you leave the table.  That is why I was so surprised when I made a recipe for gnocchi that I saw on – it was nice and light with a delicate finish.  The secret to […]