Monthly Archives: January 2014

Best Salmon Ever

How’s that for a blog title?  A bit presumptuous perhaps? Well, last night’s dinner was probably the best salmon I ever made.  Not saying it was the best anyone ever made, but for me it was top of the list (as well as being head of the heap and king of the hill). For some […]

Mini Pumpkin Pies

I have been obsessed with making individual, hand-held pies over the last month or so.  It started in late December when I made some fantastic mini apple pies.  It has continued into January when I have now twice made mini pumpkin pies, and constantly daydream of making small coconut custard pies. I’m not sure if […]

Black Eyed Peas New Year

Eating black eyed peas for good luck on New Year’s Day is a Southern tradition, and as a Northerner this is one I am discovering later in life. My friend Amy had mentioned the tradition to me a few years ago, and last year I jumped onto the black eyed pea bandwagon. This year I […]