75th Post Cookie Giveaway

75th Blog PostHurray!  Today marks the 75th post since I started the Cooking with an Evolved Dad blog.  Along the way I’ve tried a lot of new dishes, worked on my photography skills, and heard from a number of you that you were going to try something I had made. To celebrate the occasion I’m going to hold a simple contest with the winner getting a dozen cookies baked by yours truly.

Here’s the deal:

  • To enter, leave a comment on the blog below or on the Cooking with an Evolved Dad Facebook page.  Let me know what you think of the blog, or what your favorite post was, or what kind of cookies you’d like, or whether you’ve tried any of the dishes I blogged about, etc.
  • If you comment on both the blog and the Facebook page you will receive two entries in the contest.
  • If you share the Facebook post announcing this contest you will get another entry.
  • Note that three entries is the maximum allowed per person.
  • The contest will be open for one (1) week, ending at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 28, 2013.
  • Each entry will be assigned a number and the winning number will be picked using Random.org
  • Winner can select from the following cookies that have been featured in the blog over the past few months: Coco Fudge Cookies, Monster Cookies, Espresso Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies.
  • One dozen cookies of the winner’s choice will be mailed (or hand delivered if you’re local) by Friday, May 31.

More details:

  • This contest is open to residents of the Continental United States only.
  • Remember that unless you have commented on the blog in the past, your comments won’t show up immediately as they first need to be approved.  No worries however, as they are time-stamped when you made the comment and not when I get around to approving them.  As such, as long as you comment before the end of the day on the 28th you’re good.
  • The author reserves the right reject any comments that appear to be comment spam.  You’d be surprised how much of it I get.
  • Author reserves the right to amend the contest rules if necessary.
  • Remember this is a fun contest.  Certainly enter, but don’t take things too seriously; this isn’t a Powerball drawing after all!
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16 thoughts on “75th Post Cookie Giveaway

    1. Bob Post author

      Jeff — I have Akismet running on the blog and it takes care the comment spam for me, but I am surprised at how much comes in whenever I happen to glance at the spam queue.

  1. Stephanie Knox Cubbon

    Hey Bob! I think it’s awesome that you are writing a blog! Congrats on your 75th post – that’s quite an accomplishment!
    Hope all the Rentches are well!
    -Steph, Jess’s classmate from UPEACE 🙂

    1. Bob Post author

      Hi Steph! It is very nice to hear from you. Hard to believe it was almost 3 years ago I was down with Jess and you (and others) in Costa Rica for the UPEACE graduation.

  2. Pat Kuhl

    I made several things – the chocolate cookies, a carrot dish and a couple others. Are all the recipes listed on the website? I am having trouble finding some that I made….

    I like that you post a photo of each meal – helps motivate me to make it, more than just written descriptions.
    If I win the contest, I would like chocolate cookies.

    1. Bob Post author


      I include a link to the recipes I used within each post. The links are currently included in the body of the post, but am now going to start to pull them out to make it a bit easier to find…and might start on a recipe index page as well. In the meantime you should be able to use the Search functionality find things on the site.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Rich Wittmer

    Bob, I can’t say I’ve tried any of your recipes…but they have inspired us! As you “evolve” to more and better recipes, I have “evolved” to growing different things in my garden. What a shame we live so far apart. Image the fresh stuff I could drop off at your house! Since reading your posts, I have inspired my wife Carole to cook more different and delicious dishes! So far, for the first time ever, we have grown Arugula, Pok Choi, Spinich, Chinese Cabbage, lettuce, and green onions in the greenhouse over winter and spring! I can’t wait for the summer garden!

    1. Bob Post author

      Rich — I have to say the pictures you share of your garden are pretty amazing. I am very jealous!

    1. Bob Post author

      That wasn’t one of my best dishes, but am willing to give it another try sometime when you and Jess are here.


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