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A year ago I would have been pretty far down on the list of people you thought might start a food blog.  Like many guys my age, my wife has done most of the cooking in the almost 30 years we’ve been together (with the exception of throwing something on the grill of course).  Then the company I was working for closed my division.  With new time on my hands as I looked for a job I started to do more and more of the cooking – and found I liked it. Posting pictures on Facebook of the meals I made gave me some positive feedback, and one day my daughter told me it was time for me to start a food blog.  To give me a gentle nudge she and my son got me Food Blogging for Dummies for Christmas, and Cooking with an Evolved Dad was born.

Why the name?  I’d like to think my cooking as evolved over the last year – in terms of both skill and willingness to experiment.  I still stumble around the kitchen quite a bit, but hope that some of my posts might encourage other reluctant cooks to try something new.

Some notes:

  • While I try to have our family eat healthy I am not a dietician or a nutritionist (although my sister is), nor am I a ‘trained’ chef.  Rather I’m just a guy who is finding he likes to cook!
  • This blog is unrelated to the film ‘The Evolution of Dad‘.  I had never heard of the film until I started looking for names for the blog, but admit am now curious about the film.

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Bob Rentsch

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