Apple and Sausage Pie

I made a fantastic (if I say so myself) entrée for my wife’s birthday dinner a few weeks ago.  Generally when I make something I really like it finds its way to the blog pretty quickly.  In this case it was an incredibly tasty combination of sausage (hot chicken sausage in our case), Granny Smith apples and lots of cheese all baked in a pie crust.

This dish is a layered affair – with the sausage sautéed and then spread on the bottom of a browned pie crust.  The next layer is a combination of apples, onion and garlic with a pinch of sugar, lightly browned before finding their way on top of the sausage.  The top is a combination of provolone, ricotta and feta cheese mixed with two eggs.

This concoction (a word my dad was fond of) is baked at 350 for about 40 minutes. In that time the cheese layer browns up beautifully, the apple and onion soften a bit more and the flavors all blend together.  The end result is delightful – lighter than you might think and melt-in-your-mouth tasty.

So why the holdup in posting this?  I didn’t like any of the pictures I took of it.  Just didn’t seem like any of the dozen or so I took captured how great a dish it was.  You see, when I am cooking it is usually dinner time. My pictures must be captured in the few short minutes I have between a dish being ready and it getting to the table, where there are usually hungry people waiting.  As such I don’t have much time – and frankly don’t have the equipment or talent – to stage things as well as I’d like.  This is a skill I’m going to keep working one, maybe signing up for an adult ed digital photography class this fall.

In the meantime help me decide which of the pictures I took does the best job of showing off this meal.  I’ve included three below, along with some information about each.  Let me know in the Comments (or on Facebook) which works for you.

1. Out of the Oven

Apple and Sausage Pie right out of the oven

This captures the pie shortly after it came out of the oven, showing the nice brown topping, but doesn’t really show what’s in store once you cut into this.

2. Serving it Up

Apple and Sausage Pie being served

This captures the layers and shows off the cheese topping, but does pick up a lot of glare from the flash.

3. On the Plate

Apple and Sausage Pie on the plate

Once a slice is plated you clearly see the layers, but loose the aspect of this being a pie.


Recipe: Apple and Sausage Pie

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4 thoughts on “Apple and Sausage Pie

  1. Bob Post author

    Seems like #3 is the clear winner — in comments here as well as on Facebook and in emails I’ve received.



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