Basil Grilled Tofu

Basil Grilled Tofu with okra, red peppers and mushroomsWhat was I thinking?  Grilled tofu for dinner?  Okay, I have to admit that I had been thinking about new ways to use the George Foreman grill for awhile and for some reason grilling tofu on it had intrigued me.

Let me back up a step.  We bought Anthony a George Foreman grill for Christmas.  The idea was he could use it to grill a burger or sandwich for a snack before dinner if he was hungry*.   As it turns out I have used it more frequently, finding it a great gadget for sliders and Panini’s.

I wanted to see how far I could go with this and thought grilled tofu was about as far from burgers on the spectrum as I could get.  Searching the web led me to the discovery that many others have tried this as well, but probably should have picked up that most of the sites were dedicated to a vegetarian diet. Nothing wrong with that, but suspect most of the authors had more experience cooking tofu than I.  The recipe I settled on was for Basil Grilled Tofu, served with a side of sautéed okra, red peppers and portabella mushrooms.

Loved the sautéed vegetables, but the tofu was bland and not as crispy as I would have liked.  There could have be two issues here:

  1. I might have cut the tofu too thin and as such it wasn’t pressing on both sides of the grill.  Maybe a thicker cut would have ended up crisper?
  2. The recipe recommended letting the basil infused olive oil sit overnight, before using this to coat the tofu during grilling.  It wasn’t until the morning I was going to cook these that I read that part of the recipe.  As such maybe the basil oil wasn’t as flavorful as it could have been?

If any of you have tried to grill tofu and ended up with good results I’d hear about it, as I haven’t totally given up on the idea yet.

* Note:  a teenage boy is always hungry

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