Best Salmon Ever

Pan-Seared Oven-Roasted Salmon

How’s that for a blog title?  A bit presumptuous perhaps?

Well, last night’s dinner was probably the best salmon I ever made.  Not saying it was the best anyone ever made, but for me it was top of the list (as well as being head of the heap and king of the hill).

For some reason I have never been very good at cooking fish – it is either under-done or over-done or bland or just plain lousy.  Fish is supposed to be one of the easier things to cook, but I just haven’t had the touch.  At least I’m not alone in this problem judging by how many contestants in Hell’s Kitchen seem to struggle with the fish station.  (Yes, I do admit to being addicted to watching past season’s of Hell’s Kitchen on Hulu, but I am getting help.)

Despite my struggles with fish I love to eat it, and have been frustrated by my inability to make this at home.  When a recipe for a pan-seared and roasted Mahi Mahi came across my inbox I was intrigued.  While the particular recipe didn’t interest me, the technique caught my eye. Maybe pan-searing AND roasting was the missing secret.  A quick Google search lead me to other similar recipes, including a nice simple salmon one.

The pan-searing gave the salmon a beautiful color and locked in the juices, while oven-roasting ensured it was cooked through. The result was a tender, flavorful, moist salmon that just melted in your mouth.  Can’t wait to try this technique with other fish – seeing if it will work as well with white fish like haddock as it did with the salmon.

Recipe: Pan-Seared Oven-Roasted Salmon

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