Black and Tan Cake

Chocoflan cakeHave you ever had a Black and Tan?  I love the flavor – and look – of the dark Guinness sitting on top of the light Bass Ale.  I have tried to pour one at home a few times and never had much success.  I was jazzed then when I saw a picture of a Chocoflan cake.  Its dark and light layers reminded me of a Black and Tan.  While the cake was a bit more complex than stuff I have baked in the past, I knew that I had to give this black and tan layered cake a try.

This cake is a combination of mouth-watering chocolate cake and a rich creamy flan. Made in a bundt pan, you first add the chocolate cake.  Once this is spread evenly, you add the flan layer on top.  Physics takes over from here, with the denser flan sinking to the bottom of the bundt and the lighter cake raising to the top.  (Of course once you turn it upside down to remove it from the pan you end up with the chocolate cake on the bottom and flan on top.)

How’s it taste?  Let me quote my niece Holly: “Mmmmmmmmmmm”.  This was likely the best dessert I have ever made – and it is certainly the best cake.  While it is a bit of work to put together, it wasn’t terribly difficult.  Might be something worth trying when you want a great tasting dessert for a special occasion.

Recipe: Chocoflan

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