Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Couscous

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Dried Cherries and Israeli Couscous

Nothing says love quite like Brussels Sprouts.  Wait, Brussels Sprouts?

To understand you need to set the way-back machine to 1982 when my wife and I started dating.  On one of our early dates I invited her over for dinner (even though I was clueless in the kitchen) and made a Brussels Sprouts dish.  She was impressed that I was adventuress enough to make them, and never did she suspect that I just didn’t know what I was doing!

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day eve and I wanted to make us a nice dinner, so picked a simple dish of chicken with artichoke hearts paired with…Brussels Sprouts of course! The recipe I followed was from the Eat, Live, Run food blog.  This is a blog my daughter likes, but I don’t think I had made anything from there yet.  I loved this recipe however – how can you not love a recipe where you cook the vegetable in bacon grease? The flavor of the sprouts with the bacon, dried cherries and couscous was amazing.

Highly recommend this one, especially if you want to impress someone special!

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Dried Cherries and Israeli Couscous

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One thought on “Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Couscous

  1. Pat

    Made this recipe a couple days ago. Holly’s friend was visiting and couldn’t get enough of it! We all agreed that shredded is the best way to cook brusselsl sprouts.


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