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Borscht with Beef

My wife and I have been members of the International Center of Worcester for many years.  The Center organizes professional exchange programs for international visitors – primarily from Russia and former Soviet territories.  I have lost count of the number of guests we’ve welcomed into our home, some for as short as a weekend while […]

Tofu Tuesday?

After Monday’s meal of Bacon-wrapped Mac ‘n Cheese Meatloaf we needed something on the healthier side to counter-balance the amount of fat and calories we had consumed.   Whenever I feel that I need to purge, I go to the Cooking Light website and start poking around.   Sometimes when doing so I have nothing in mind […]

Second Hand Lions

Second Hand Lions is a great movie about a boy who goes to live with his two eccentric uncles.  I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids in the 7-14 year range.  There is a very minor scene* in the movie where the uncles are tending the crops they planted – peas, beans, squash, […]

Happy New Year!

My friend Amy Achilles Stefanos turned me on to the fact that in the south eating black-eyed peas is a New Year’s tradition.  Those of us in the north had never heard this, but if it brings me (and my new blog) luck in the coming year I’m all for it. Not knowing exactly how […]