Friday Night Frenzy

Worcester readers know the name ‘Friday Night Frenzy’ as the show our local cable station does with highlights of the day’s high school games.  We are avid viewers of the show, but ‘Friday Night Frenzy’ also refers to the act of making dinner after a basketball game when we get home at 9:00.

I could have just called Ciao Bella and gotten a pizza I suppose, but since we did that Tuesday decided to make pizza in tonight. With Kathy out of town for a few days it was also the opportunity to do a pizza that she might not have voted for – namely BBQ chicken pizza!  There is a plethora (one of my favorite words by the way) of BBQ chicken pizza recipes out there so the biggest challenge was on settling on which to try.  The one I honed in on from featured cilantro and Gouda cheese along with the chicken.  I like to go with non-traditional pizza toppings so Gouda instead of mozzarella looked interesting, and given that we like cilantro its inclusion was a big plus.

BBQ Chicken PizzaThe end result was tasty, with the cilantro coming though and giving it a very nice flavor.   The recipe calls for a cup of barbeque sauce which turned out to be overkill, as it was dripping off the pizza as we were eating.  While I like the messy eating experience of BBQ ribs it was a tad much for the pizza. If I make this again will cut the barbeque sauce to ½ or ¾ of a cup, but suspect that we will make this again on some future frenzied Friday night.


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