Garlic Shrimp

Garlic ShrimpYou’ll be happy to know that the smoke detectors work at my house. I tested them yesterday. Of course I didn’t exactly mean to test them…

Yesterday’s dinner consisted of a simple Garlic Shrimp recipe I had recently seen, served with brown rice and a side dish of Stir Fried Snow Peas and Mushrooms. Sounds pretty easy right? It  should have been, but turned out to be a bit of an adventure.

It started off with the prep for the shrimp getting on my nerves. I’m not sure exactly what was bothering me as it wasn’t rocket science to prepare – juice a lemon or two, mince a bunch of garlic, cut some parsley and peel the shrimp. Guess the problem was yesterday was a day when I was all thumbs. I kept fumbling and bumbling doing these simple tasks, so by the time I had everything ready I was already frustrated with myself. At that point I probably should have had a glass of wine and chilled out for a bit, but instead I plowed right into the meal.

The recipe for the garlic shrimp directs you to heat the oil until it is just starting to smoke, then add the shrimp. Well I did that…and then the smoke alarms started going off as I managed to fill the kitchen with smoke. As I kept stirring the shrimp, my family was running around opening doors and windows and resetting the alarms. Once that excitement was over and the shrimp was mostly done, we started to stir fry the vegetables – which resulted in another round of smoke alarms going off. Ahhh…nothing like a nice calm start to the meal.

The dinner itself was tasty, with lots of garlic in the shrimp and a nice flavor to the stir fried snow peas and mushrooms.  What I later found interesting is that I was trying to make this a gluten free meal, but discovered that the teriyaki sauce used on the vegetables contains wheat. Luckily in this case I wasn’t avoiding gluten for a specific health concern, but this gave me a new appreciation of how careful our friends who do need to avoid it have to be. (I am happy to say that the shrimp was gluten free, even if it was a bit blackened.)



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2 thoughts on “Garlic Shrimp

    1. Bob Post author

      Good point Bill. Looks like I tested BOTH the alarms and our ability to hear high frequencies.


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