Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Grilled Sweet PotatoesEver tried grilled sweet potatoes?  If not then fire up your grill and get out there!

I have tried this now a couple of times and hit upon a recipe I really love.  No surprise that it comes from Simply Recipes.  I think I am batting 1.000 on recipes from that site – each and every one has been great.  There were a couple of things in her recipe that sold it for me:

  • After cooking, the potatoes are tossed in a dressing of cilantro, olive oil, lime (or lemon) juice and zest.  I just love cilantro so any excuse to use it ups the recipe in my book.
  • Did I mention the lime zest? It’s funny how it’s the little things in life that mean the most.* In this case it’s the simple joy I get in using the zester, which is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  I think I go out of my way sometimes to find recipes that let me zest a lemon, lime, orange, etc.
  • Rather than cutting each potato cross-wise as I had done before you cut it length-wise.  Big whoop right? Well, cutting length-wise gives you a more manageable number of slices to deal with and provides for a nice presentation when you are done.

OK, I’ll admit that none of these are earth shattering reasons to like this recipe.  The real reason to use it is that the grilled potatoes look great on your plate and ummmm … the taste is sweeeet.

One small word of caution: I grilled three medium-large sweets and found the slices took up most of my (average sized) grill.  Didn’t give myself much room to grill both these and the streaks I was cooking that night.  Plan accordingly – but definitely plan on including grilled sweets on your menu.

* Bonus points for identifying the song and artist associated with this line.

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