Isn’t that a great word to say?  Go ahead and say it out loud, stretching the syllables: gua*ca*mo*le.  Feel better now don’t you?

I was making pork tacos in the slow cooker for after the game tonight and decided I wanted to have some guacamole to go with it.  Normally we buy it at the store, but that wouldn’t have been much of a blog post: “Went to the store. Bought guacamole. The end.”

Preparing guacamoleInstead I picked up some avocados and cilantro to add to the onion, tomato and chilies we already had. Last year I watched one of the hundreds of YouTube videos available showing you how to removing the pit from an avocado and was psyched to do it again.  There is something satisfying about hitting the pit with a knife and having it embed itself, allowing you to twist and simply remove the pit.


What I had forgotten about however was how to pick a ripe avocado.  The two that I bought were not ready for prime time.  I tried my best to smash, mix, cut, chop or puree the fruit to little success.  The reality is that if the avocado ain’t ripe you ain’t going to get good guacamole.

Oh well…next time I’ll just buy the finished product at the store and skip the blog post!


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2 thoughts on “Guacamole

  1. Amy

    Oh Bob. Try, try again. But next time consult with your friend close to the border.

    Add sour cream to liven the flavor and soften the texture.
    Save the pits and put them in the guac to keep it from browning.


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