Haddock with Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

I have a thing for Brussels sprouts.  It probably dates back to making it for Kathy on one of our early dates after finding it in the book of recipes my mom had created for me. Since that was well before the age of food blogs that trusty old recipe book was about all I had to use, and I seem to recall us both liking however I had prepared them that day.

Preparing Brussels sprouts

As an aside, what is up with the name?  It feels like it should be Brussel sprouts, with one of these tasty green vegetables being a Brussel sprout.  A quick read of Wikipedia confirms that the name is really Brussels, as in the city in Belgium (and since it is on the Internet it must be true).  Anyway I digress…

I was looking for a side dish to make with haddock last night.  Eat, Live, Run is one of the food blogs my daughter turned me on to, so I went there to look for inspiration.  This is another site with some amazing food photos, and lo and behold a shot of thinly sliced Brussels sprouts caught my eye.  Looking at the details sold these as they also contain brown sugar.  How can you not like a vegetable dish that contains sugar?

The haddock was prepared with a recipe on Just a Taste (another of my favorite food blogs). Her original recipe calls for tilapia, but since Shaw’s didn’t have it I substituted the best I was able.  I suspect the haddock broke apart a bit more than the tilapia would have, but the end result was delicious just the same.

As both dishes cook very quickly I took the time to chop, cut, measure and squeeze everything needed for both recipes and lay it out on the counter so that when it was time to say “Go” I was ready. I’ve mentioned this before, but whenever I prep like this the whole meal creation is so much smoother and more relaxing.  No more rushing to the cabinet to get out the brown sugar for one dish while the other burns…not that this has happened to me of course. 😉

Carmelized Brussels Sprouts

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