Happy Anniversary

One month anniversary celebrationToday marks the one month anniversary of starting the ‘Evolved Dad’ blog.  While in the grand scheme one month isn’t much, for me this has been an interesting 31 days.

During January I got the WordPress site up and running, created Facebook and Twitter accounts, wrote 20 posts, received comments from readers and most important of all tried a bunch of new recipes.  Along the way I learned that my photography skills are weak; my cooking talents improving and my family ever so patient when they want to eat but have to wait while I grab the camera and stage a picture. The best part of the month is that the blog has given me reason to connect with people in new and different ways.

Next up are some technical changes to the site.  My technical advisor* looked over how I had set up WordPress and recommended a number of changes.   Unfortunately this means I need to pause blogging for a few days while I can back everything up, make the changes and put it all back together – but better to do this now than later.

Hope to see you back soon, and thanks for reading!


* For the Car Talk fans out there I only have a technical advisor, but really need a technical, spiritual, and menu advisor.

** Full disclosure: I bought the muffin at Dunkin Donuts along with my coffee this morning since I needed something to hold my candle!


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