He Slides…And He’s Safe!

One of the challenges we have during basketball season is figuring out dinner around the game schedule.  Today Anthony (my son for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure) had an away game.  He got home from school a little after 2:00, had to leave at 3:30 to head back to school for the bus and got back home at 10:00.  How do you fit in a dinner that works for that schedule, especially when he doesn’t want to eat much in the afternoon before the game?

Leading off second base

Enter the slider*.  Seemed to me that a couple of mini burgers with some fruit would be enough to hold him over until later, provide my wife and I something quick to eat before we left for the game and give him options to eat when he gets home.  Wow – solving three problems with one meal.  Kind of like a triple play**.

I went looking for an interesting recipe for sliders and came across one with ground turkey, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and more.  The original recipe calls for these to be cooked in olive oil and white wine, but I did this on our George Foreman grill to cut out some of the fat.  Making a dozen sliders let me cook a few when needed for each of the different times someone wanted to eat.

Wasn’t the most elegant of meals but Anthony gave it rave reviews, letting me know the recipe was a keeper.

Turkey Sliders

Turkey Sliders

* I know I am using a baseball analogy during basketball season AND the picture is not Anthony sliding but rather leading off second base.  I claim poetic license in both instances.

** I promise this is the last baseball analogy in this post


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2 thoughts on “He Slides…And He’s Safe!

  1. Amy

    Since I don’t eat red meat, I am very intrigued by this one. Wonder if it would win over the staunch medium rare beef eaters in our house?

    1. Bob Post author

      I don’t know Amy. We love turkey burgers at our house, but it isn’t quite the same as a hamburger. I’m afraid the red meat eaters in your house may not find these satisfying.


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