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Spicy lentil dahl. roasted cauliflower, rice and naanOn a suggestion from my sister for Meatless Meals Week, last night I made a lentil dahl along with roasted cauliflower, rice and naan.  My first stop in making this (like any meal) was to go to the web to search for recipes.  As an evolving cook I don’t have a bank of recipes I go back to, which means almost every time we have something it is the first for us.  That’s good in that we are trying lots of variations on recipes, but it does mean that each meal has a bit of ‘experimentation’ associated with it.


The Spicy Indian Dahl we had last night was no exception, chosen mostly because of the word ‘spicy‘. I had three self-inflicted problems when I made this:

  1. Meal PlanningI think I over-cooked the lentils as they were quite mushy and lost their defined shape.  Don’t think this affected the taste of the dish significantly, but would love to hear others experience when cooking red lentils.
  2. I way underestimated the time it took for this to cook.  When putting a meal together I am still not very good at making everything come out at the same time, despite my best efforts.  In this case the dahl took twice as long as I anticipated.
  3. I didn’t read for detail.  After dinner as we were wrapping up the leftovers I wasn’t sure why we had soooo much extra dahl.   A quick review of the recipe provided the answer, as this made 6 servings for the 3 of us.  Duh.

All-in-all it was still a nice vegetarian main dish, but paled in comparison to the Indian Spiced Roasted Cauliflower.  I have made a roasted cauliflower before, always using olive oil.  The thing that made this recipe interesting was that you mix the spices in plain Greek yogurt, which you then use to marinate the florets.  The yogurt/spice mixture gave the house a nice aroma and resulted in a slightly sweet (yet healthy) roasted cauliflower.  This one is a keeper…not that I’ll remember to re-use it of course!

Ready to make the dahl

Ready to make the dahl

Preparing the roasted cauliflower

Preparing the cauliflower








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3 thoughts on “Hello Dahl-ly

  1. Dave

    This looks good, especially the cauliflower and the naan. My family (especially Atticus) loves naan bread, but I can’t always find it in the store. Do you sprinkle it with water before heating or use another method to keep it moist?

    1. Bob Post author

      Hey bro — thanks for reading. I’ve been pretty lucky and can find naan in the store whenever I have wanted it. Have to admit I just stick it in the oven for a few minutes to heat, but might sprinkle with water next time to see how that works.


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