Key Lime Pie Bars

Key Lime Pie BarsAvid readers of this blog may recall that I made a great Key Lime Pie a few months back, with a unique twist of cutting one of the pieces into the shape of Florida when serving.  (Read that blog post if you are curious as to why).  One side benefit of making the pie is that I wound up with left over Key Lime juice, which was in the cupboard just begging to be used.  When my brother and his family were stopping by on their way to the Cape* I had my reason to use it.

Rather than make another pie, I wanted to do something slightly different.  Having seen a recipe for Key Lime Pie bars come across my in-box recently I decided to give them a spin.  As yet another sign of my evolution in the kitchen I didn’t shy away from this even though it called for me to make the crust.  When making pies I stick with the store-bought pie crusts, but given the crust for these bars sounded pretty easy I said “what the heck” and dove right in.  Glad I did so as it was easy to make, and gave me some confidence to consider branching out to other crusts in the future.

Note that the finished bars were the consistency of cheesecake rather than the fluffy pie, but still had that great citrus flavor.  To be honest I think they tasted even better the next day. Since these do require significant cooling time in the process, I’d recommend you make them the day before…and you’ll be very happy with the results.

Recipe: Key Lime Pie Bars

* For those readers from out of state, when someone from Massachusetts says “to the Cape” they mean Cape Cod.

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