Mango and Tomato Salad

Mango and Tomato SaladMangos have been plentiful (and cheap) at the grocery store lately, so I have been buying them in droves.  While we will sometimes just cut them up to snack on, more often I have been incorporating them into salads.  I have tried a few different variations and this mango and baby tomato salad was my favorite.

In addition to using mangos, which while not local are currently abundant around here, this unique salad incorporates cherry tomatoes.  If you are luckily enough to have planted some this year, this is a great way to use them as they ripen.  Of course my challenge with cherry tomatoes picked off the vine is actually getting them into the house, as I usually eat them all as I pick them.  Simply toss the mango and tomatoes with some red onion, mint and cilantro, then top with a dressing of olive oil with lemon and mango juice.  The latter might not be something you have readily on hand, but was an easy find for me at a store that has a large Hispanic food section.

Easy enough to make and looks good on the plate and uses what is available now = winner.

Recipe: Mango and Baby Tomato Salad

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