Meatloaf Monday: Cranberry-Turkey Meatloaf

Now that our Meatless Meals week is over it was time to get back to being a carnivore.   With nothing specific in mind for dinner I was sitting at the kitchen table yesterday when three seemingly random things occurred at roughly the same time:

  1. I was flipping through a copy of Eating Well that was sitting on the table and saw recipes for a few different (and healthy) variations on classic meatloaf.
  2. My wife’s cousin Jim posted a great picture of a Mac ‘n Cheese meatloaf that showed up in my Facebook news feed.
  3. I realized that having a theme (like last week’s meatless week) help to narrow down the infinite possibilities that I could make for dinner.

…and ‘Meatloaf Monday’ was born.

Since I am a sucker for cranberry sauce the recipe in Eating Well for a Cranberry-Turkey Meatloaf jumped out at me.  Made with ground turkey and bulgur, this features both dried and jellied cranberries along with sauteed celery and leeks.  Maybe a bit of an odd choice since we were craving red meat, but the cranberries spoke to me. The best thing is that both Kathy and Anthony loved this as much as I did, so think Meatloaf Monday will stick around.  Next week will either be trying to make Jim’s Mac ‘n Cheese version or maybe the Bacon Cheeseburger one from Eating Well.  I’m open to suggestions!

Speaking of Meatloaf, sing along with me and the Glee cast: “I can see paradise by the dashboard light…”

Cranberry-Turkey Meatloaf

Cranberry-Turkey Meatloaf

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