Meatloaf Monday: Hoisin-Ginger Meatloaf

Hoisin Ginger Meatloaf

In the book Food Blogging for Dummies the author lists the hardest foods to photograph, and there smack in the middle of the list is meatloaf.  In her words: “The camera does not love meatloaf in all its ground meat and grey-hued glory.”  Wish I had thought about that when I embarked on my ‘Meatloaf Monday’ kick!

Despite my challenge to take a good picture, I continue to make this the focus on Monday’s menu.  This week I went back to Eating Well and tried out another of the healthier meatloaf recipes. These are different in that they combine sautéed vegetables, whole grains and unique flavors along with ground turkey or beef.  I had made the Cranberry-Turkey Meatloaf from Eating Well a few weeks ago and now decided to try their Hoisin-Ginger variant.  This combines brown rice as the whole grain, along with sautéed red pepper, shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, scallions and fresh ginger.  This is then mixed with ground turkey and hoisin sauce, then topped with more hoisin and chopped scallions.  The result was a meatloaf with a nice light consistency and a sweet finish.

I have to say of all the meatloaf recipes I have made so far the ones from Eating Well have been my favorites.  Now if only the photos did them justice…

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