Meatloaf Monday: Rumpel Family Meatloaf

I had run out of ideas for meatloaf when divine intervention struck – an email showed up in my inbox with a meatloaf recipe.  The ‘Rumpel Family Meatloaf’ recipe received 4.5 (out of 5) stars with over 1900 reviews on the website, so decided to make it the Rentsch Family Meatloaf this week.

This was a more traditional meatloaf than many that I had made – think ground beef with cheddar cheese, ketchup, eggs, onion soup mix, steak sauce, and crushed Ritz crackers.   The end result was a nice moist meatloaf that was very rich – the result of the cheddar cheese no doubt.   This was a nice addition to the list of meatloaves I’ve made over the last few months, but would put the Eating Well recipes (as well as the Turkey Meatloaf with Cranberry Glaze) ahead of this on my list of favorites.

Served this with rice and the Israeli Carrots dish I had made once before.  I really love the way these carrots taste, and as a bonus they only take a few minutes to make AND look fantastic.  These carrots would be a nice addition to any meal – even meatloaf!

* As an embarrassing side note I accidentally deleted the photos I took of this dinner.  Oops…

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