Mom’s Quick Cherry Cobbler

Mom's Quick Cherry CobblerHere is another installment of recipes from the cookbook mom made for me when I had my first apartment. Unlike the bean salad – which I can vividly remember her making – I have no recollection of ever eating this cherry cobbler.

I can picture growing up in Rochester in the 60’s and 70’s and imagine mom would have used lots of canned fruit. I have to believe that was before the days when Wegman’s carried fresh fruit all year long. As such using canned cherry pie filling to make a dessert makes a whole lot of sense.  What did strike me in this recipe was the use of the zest from an orange rind.  Of course mom didn’t have a fancy Microplane zester (which I have mentioned is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets), so she would have used her trusty multi-purpose grater to get the job done.  Mom did list the grated orange as optional, but trust me you don’t want to skip that step.  The ‘crust’ of this cobbler, with its very nice citrus flavor, was what sold this dessert to my dinner guests.  I honestly thought we would have leftovers, but when everyone went back for seconds the pan was cleaned out in no time.

Thanks mom!

Mom's Cherry Cobbler Recipe

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One thought on “Mom’s Quick Cherry Cobbler

  1. Pat Kuhl

    That looks great! The biscuits are perfectly browned. When you mentioned Wegmans, it reminded me of Mom’s grocery shopping routine. Since we had only 1 car, she would wait until Saturday to do the grocery shopping for the whole week (except for milk, which was delivered into the milkbox!). I remember that Mom checked all the store flyers, clipped coupons and planned her shopping so that she got the best deals at two or 3 different stores.


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