Pie Day 2014

Mini Apple Pies

Happy March 14, which is known around the world as Pi Day. This makes for a great excuse for mathematicians and food bloggers alike to make, eat and talk about pie.  Since I am both a math guy and blogger this day was made for me.

To honor the day I am finally getting around to blogging about what was one of my favorite pies – individual apple pies that I made last fall.  Regular readers of the blog will remember I mentioned these in the post I did on Mini Pumpkin Pies, but for some reason never got around to writing a post about them.

This recipe, which makes a great Dutch Apple Pie with its delicious Streusel topping, couldn’t be easier. Roll out your pie crust so it is thinner than normal. If you start with a store bought crust as I usually do you want to roll this out until it is probably 1 ½ times as large as its normal size, and then cut into 4″ rounds*. Fit these into a muffin tin then fill with apples cooked with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, flour, corn starch and a bit of apple juice.  These are then topped with a brown sugar, flour, butter, cinnamon and oats mixture and baked for about 10 minutes.

The result – served with ice cream of course – is a great tasting apple pie. Best of all, since they are almost bite size you don’t feel guilty eating a few!

* For you current and former math geeks:  Just to be clear the diameter of the circle should be 4″, so the radius is 2″ which makes the circumference 2πr = ~ 12.6″.

Recipe: Individual Apple Pies


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