Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

Red Velvet Cheesecake BrowniesWow.

That just about sums up this incredible dessert.  Wow.  Maybe even WOW.

I had seen these brownies on the Just a Taste blog, and as usual for this site the pictures made my mouth water.  Ever since then I was looking for an occasion to make them, and with my daughter home from NYC for a few days I had my occasion.

For something that looks – and tastes – amazing these were pretty easy to make.  I don’t think I had ever made brownies from scratch before, always resorting to a box of Duncan Hines when I had a brownie urge.  Now that I know how simple brownies are to make – just flour, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, cocoa power and white vinegar – I may eschew the box forever.   Of course these were no ordinary brownies either.  The red food coloring adding a festive touch, which the author had added since this was a Valentine’s Day dessert on her site.  More importantly the cheesecake layer of softened cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and an egg yolk added both a wonderful flavor AND a fantastic look.

Humm…wonder what occasion can I now come up with to make these again.

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