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Beef kabobs, roasted bady carrots and riceLately I have made Elise Bauer’s Simply Recipes food blog my ‘go to’ site when I am looking for something to make.  I used to go to, but my experience there was spotty – some of what I found was great, others so-so.  Everything – and I mean everything – I’ve made from Elise’s site has been great.

As the weather warmed up a bit here in Worcester (pronounced “Woo-sta” for my friends from out of town) I decided it was time to start to fire up the grill.  Emerald Meats had some great beef kabobs, so that part of the meal all set.  Humm…now what could I find on Elise’s site to go with this?  A key to my search criteria was looking for things that I could fuss around with for a bit, but leave cook for the last ~20 minutes while I grilled the kabobs.

The Roasted Baby Carrots recipe was one that fit the bill.  Wash and trim some baby carrots, cut a red onion, toss them both with rosemary and olive oil then sprinkle with garlic powder and pepper.  Roast 30-40 minutes.  Done.

Turning my attention to a starch, the recipe for Rice with Carrot, Lemon, Onion and Mint caught my eye – mostly because I had everything I needed for it on hand.  I was expecting the flavor of a basic rice dish, but the taste of this was much more complex.  At times I picked up the sautéed onion or carrot, then the mint, then the lemon or garlic.  There was just something about the way the flavors came alive that made this a great side.

For dessert we had had a nice coconut custard pie.  The entire meal was great.  In fact you could say it was simply delicious.

P.S. The roasted carrots were so good I thought they deserved their own picture!

Roasted Baby Carrots from Simply Recipes

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