Southwestern Chicken Soup

Southwestern Chicken & Vegetable SoupThose of us in New England have been suffering through a cold and rainy week.  Since it feels more like early April than mid-June around here, a nice batch of hot chicken soup seemed like a great way to take the chill out of the air.

The soup recipe I picked was from Eating Well and had a Southwestern flair.  This was packed full of vegetables – onion, green beans, red pepper, corn, spinach and tomatoes – along with the chicken, so was a complete meal in one dish.  The Southwest nature came from the addition of roasted poblano peppers, black beans, cilantro and lime.  The lime juice was an interesting addition.  The recipe calls for you to add a tablespoon of it to each portion when serving.  I didn’t measure this out but liberally added some to my dish. This gave it a nice flavor, and helped to cool down that initial spoonful that can otherwise burn the roof of your mouth!

Both my wife and mother-in-law found this to be very spicy, but neither my-father-in-law nor I did. I guess the lesson here is cut back on the peppers (maybe use 1 instead of the 2 called for) or add less chili powder if you are ‘heat sensitive’.  Served with home-made tortilla chips (more on those later) this is a nice meal for a cool rainy night.

Recipe: Southwestern Chicken & Vegetable Soup

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