Swing and a Miss

I am my own harshest critic when it comes to my cooking.  I guess that makes sense since neither my wife nor son are going to complain when meals show up on the table!

In the latest instance I was once again trying to replicate the taste of a nice piece of fried chicken for dinner.  A recipe for Pecan Breaded Chicken Breasts had arrived in my email that day so decided to give it a try.  This was simple enough to make – just brush the chicken with maple syrup and coat it with the pecan mixture.  What could go wrong? The problem was that the chicken breasts were so thick that by the time they were fully cooked the breading was burned.  This of course had me swearing (under my breadth of course) about ruining the chicken.  The reality is that even with the ‘blackened’ pecans they still had a nice flavor, but next time I will either buy thin cut breasts or bake the chicken.

Orange and Red Onion Salad with Red Pepper

Orange and Red Onion Salad

The rest of the meal was simple and quite nice – Orange and Red Onion Salad with Red Pepper and Roasted Root Vegetables.  The thing that worked well in this case was how easily it all came together.  I could cut up the vegetables and start roasting them, then prepare the chicken and while both of those cooked get the salad together.  I don’t often plan the logistics of putting dinner together very well (with competing dishes that all need attention at the same time), so it was nice to have it flow smoothly for a change.

Below is the finished product. So maybe it wasn’t really a swing and a miss after all, maybe just fowled off the pitch.

Pecan breaded chicken with roasted vegetables and an orange and red onion salad

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2 thoughts on “Swing and a Miss

  1. Pat Kuhl

    You could always pound the chicken breasts with a meat mallet (or use a can) to make them a little thinner.


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