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Chicken with Raspberry Mustard

Dinner the other night was pretty simple – chicken tenders coated in cornmeal and lightly fried, served with a tomato & basil salad and some steamed broccoli.The star of the meal was the raspberry mustard that went with the chicken. While this too was simple – crushed raspberries, whole grain mustard and honey – it […]

Southwestern Chicken Soup

Those of us in New England have been suffering through a cold and rainy week.  Since it feels more like early April than mid-June around here, a nice batch of hot chicken soup seemed like a great way to take the chill out of the air. The soup recipe I picked was from Eating Well […]

Vegetarian Thai Red Curry

If you haven’t made anything from Eating Well you are definitely missing out.  The dishes I have made from here are always fantastic.  True, they are often a bit more work than other things I make, but I’ve never regretted the extra time spent. What I found interesting about their Vegetarian Thai Red Curry dish […]

Quinoa Peanut Soup

We had a fantastic spicy vegetable, quinoa and peanut soup the other day. According to the Eating Well recipe this is a modern take on a traditional Bolivian soup called Sopa de Mani.  For us this was perfect for a quick late dinner on a night when we had an early evening commitment and weren’t going […]