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Meatloaf Monday: Rumpel Family Meatloaf

I had run out of ideas for meatloaf when divine intervention struck – an email showed up in my inbox with a meatloaf recipe.  The ‘Rumpel Family Meatloaf’ recipe received 4.5 (out of 5) stars with over 1900 reviews on the AllRecipes.com website, so decided to make it the Rentsch Family Meatloaf this week. This […]

Meatloaf Monday: Sweet and Sour Meatloaf Muffins

I have to admit that after two months of “Meatloaf Mondays” I am starting to lose my steam for YAM (Yet-Another-Meatloaf).   While there are more variations on this classic dish to try, they are starting to sound all the same to me. This week’s meatloaf was a perfect example.   While the presentation was different – […]

Meatloaf Monday: Green Chile Meatloaf

For this week’s meatloaf dish I had to go back to the web as I had exhausted the meatloaf recipes from Eating Well.  With nothing particular in mind a search of ‘meatloaf recipes’ brings up an overwhelming assortment to choose from.  Tex-Mex variants finally caught my eye, and after poking around I stumbled on a […]