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Sweet Onion Pizza

I have lunch with my in-laws every once in awhile, and like to try to make something when I stop by. This week I decided to make a pizza, but wanted it to be a bit different than the normal fare they get a Papa Gino’s. Since I like onion pizza, the combination I settled […]

Friday Night Frenzy

Worcester readers know the name ‘Friday Night Frenzy’ as the show our local cable station does with highlights of the day’s high school games.  We are avid viewers of the show, but ‘Friday Night Frenzy’ also refers to the act of making dinner after a basketball game when we get home at 9:00. I could […]

Vegetarian Pizza Without the Red Sauce

Tuesday of Meatless Meal week was a day where Anthony had a game in Hopedale so dinner had to be something quick and light as we weren’t going to eat until almost 10pm.  Pizza works in these occasions for me, but wanted something a bit different also.  The recipe for Pizza Without the Red Sauce […]