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Quinoa and Blueberry Salad

Wait, another recipe with quinoa? Seems like I am in a rut, but how can you not love the nutty taste of quinoa mixed with blueberries. Even better this recipe adds pistachios to the mix, resulting in an amazing, palate pleasing dish. Frequent readers know I have been on a quinoa kick lately. While I […]

Tomatoes with Quinoa, Corn & Chiles

I do declare* that quinoa is my favorite grain.  Sure, we eat rice or barley or farro also, but the nutty crunchy taste of quinoa just works for me.  My latest foray into using it was with a nice recipe I found that took fresh tomatoes (plentiful this time of year) and stuffed then with […]

Changes in Latitudes

For dinner last night we went south* to Latin America to have a meal of empanadas, served along side a dish of quinoa with cilantro, lime and green chilies.  Funny story how I got to this particular meal… I had been thinking about the blog and how song lyrics somehow find their way into many […]