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Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons

When you think gnocchi you often think of a heavy meal that will sit in your stomach long after you leave the table.  That is why I was so surprised when I made a recipe for gnocchi that I saw on EatingWell.com – it was nice and light with a delicate finish.  The secret to […]

Vegetarian Thai Red Curry

If you haven’t made anything from Eating Well you are definitely missing out.  The dishes I have made from here are always fantastic.  True, they are often a bit more work than other things I make, but I’ve never regretted the extra time spent. What I found interesting about their Vegetarian Thai Red Curry dish […]

Sweet Onion Pizza

I have lunch with my in-laws every once in awhile, and like to try to make something when I stop by. This week I decided to make a pizza, but wanted it to be a bit different than the normal fare they get a Papa Gino’s. Since I like onion pizza, the combination I settled […]

Tofu Tuesday?

After Monday’s meal of Bacon-wrapped Mac ‘n Cheese Meatloaf we needed something on the healthier side to counter-balance the amount of fat and calories we had consumed.   Whenever I feel that I need to purge, I go to the Cooking Light website and start poking around.   Sometimes when doing so I have nothing in mind […]

No Whey

For the end of Meatless Meals week I decided to make a Persian eggplant dish that my friend Janet recommended.   The fact that I was looking at this recipe is a testament to social networking.  Janet is my brother-in-law’s sister (or my sister’s sister-in-law).  We’d met a few times over the years, most recently at […]