Vegetarian Pizza Without the Red Sauce

Vegetarian Pizza Without the Red SauceTuesday of Meatless Meal week was a day where Anthony had a game in Hopedale so dinner had to be something quick and light as we weren’t going to eat until almost 10pm.  Pizza works in these occasions for me, but wanted something a bit different also.  The recipe for Pizza Without the Red Sauce caught my eye for two reasons:

  1. It replaces tomato sauce with a combination of butter, olive oil, garlic, pesto, basil, oregano and Parmesan cheese.
  2. It uses feta cheese instead of mozzarella.

Pizza PanThe sauce had a nice creamy texture and taste while the combination of spinach, jalapeño, onion and the feta gave it a light finish.  The refrigerated crust I bought (yea, I’m lazy when it comes to making crust), said to bake it 8-10 minutes alone, then add the toppings and bake another 6-10.  If I make this again I would add the toppings sooner as the crust browned up before the toppings were ready.  When I make pizza at home the crust always browns nicely, the result of a purchase awhile ago of a pizza pan with holes in the bottom.  Highly recommended purchase if you make pizza, even if only on occasion.

P.S Doherty won a really good game against a tough Hopedale team.  If interested you can read the summary or article from the Telegram website.

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