Vegetarian Thai Red Curry

Vegetarian Thai Red CurryIf you haven’t made anything from Eating Well you are definitely missing out.  The dishes I have made from here are always fantastic.  True, they are often a bit more work than other things I make, but I’ve never regretted the extra time spent.

What I found interesting about their Vegetarian Thai Red Curry dish I made recently was that it wasn’t a lot of work.   The prep work for this was simple – cut up some sweet potatoes, roughly chop some arugula and basil, slice a hot pepper, and cut an asparagus bunch into 2″ sections.   The flavor in this exquisite dish came from the combination of coconut milk and red curry.  The aroma this combination gives off when you first start cooking is just divine.  Once the curry and coconut milk have started to do their thing the rest of the meal flows very easily.  This is one where the recipe says it takes 30 minutes and doubt it took me much longer.  Might be a good work-night meal next time you’re stuck for an idea.

Note that the recipe calls for lime leaves, which I have never been able to find (although admit I haven’t searched out an Asian food market for them).  The substitute for the leaves was some lime zest, which worked just fine for me – and gave me another excuse to use my zester!

RecipeVegetarian Thai Red Curry

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