Cooking with Hannah

This is a bit of a different blog post for me, as instead of focusing on WHAT I’m cooking the focus is WHO I was cooking with. My wife’s two nieces are visiting this weekend, which gave me the opportunity to cook with our great niece Hannah, a 10 year old fourth grader. (Of course […]

Chicken with Shallots

What do you do at your house when the smoke detectors go off when you’re cooking? I seem to have a lot of experience with this, setting them off twice in the last week alone. When they go off around here it is somewhat comical to watch. I run around and open a bunch of […]

Chocolate Stout Cake

I’ve used alcohol in a variety of dishes in the past.  Certainly wine has found its way into a number of chicken dishes, I’ve added bourbon to mashed potatoes and beer has found its way into stew and bread – but Guinness into a cake was a new one for me. As you might suspect […]

Pie Day 2014

Happy March 14, which is known around the world as Pi Day. This makes for a great excuse for mathematicians and food bloggers alike to make, eat and talk about pie.  Since I am both a math guy and blogger this day was made for me. To honor the day I am finally getting around […]

Sexy Fish Stew

So why is this dish named ‘Sexy Fish Stew’? To be honest, other than to peak your interest and get you to read the blog post, I don’t really know.  The origin of this dish is the Foodwishes blog, one of my favorite places to be entertained while looking for great things to eat.  I […]

Honey-Pepper Roasted Shrimp

Here is an idea for you: skip going out for Valentine’s dinner and make this great, yet simple, Honey-Pepper Roasted Shrimp with Green Beans and Olives.   Pair this with a nice salad, some rice, a bottle of white wine and you have a meal worthy of any restaurant. To prepare this simply roast some green […]

Best Salmon Ever

How’s that for a blog title?  A bit presumptuous perhaps? Well, last night’s dinner was probably the best salmon I ever made.  Not saying it was the best anyone ever made, but for me it was top of the list (as well as being head of the heap and king of the hill). For some […]

Mini Pumpkin Pies

I have been obsessed with making individual, hand-held pies over the last month or so.  It started in late December when I made some fantastic mini apple pies.  It has continued into January when I have now twice made mini pumpkin pies, and constantly daydream of making small coconut custard pies. I’m not sure if […]